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Cast iron radiators from WowoRads of Grimsby. Victorian Radiators and Traditional cast iron radiators, the lowest prices for finishing including 10 year warranty and price match guarantee.

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Warm up your home with our exclusive collection of cast iron radiators and steel radiators. We have a dedicated team that offer a high quality service for all our customers. We offer a huge variety of cast iron radiators, traditional radiators, Victorian radiators and modern radiators as well as a hand polishing and refurbishment service that is open to the public and business sector. We can hand polish or finish all our exclusively designed cast iron radiators and column radiators to our customers specific requirements. The assembly and required finishes of all our cast iron radiators are carried out at our factory by our highly qualified professionals. We have numerous finishes available and there is guaranteed to be one that suits your needs.
You can ‘buy now’ with confidence from one of the UK’s Leading suppliers of cast iron radiators.

The Neo Classic cast iron radiators

The Neo Classical Cast Iron Radiators

The Neo – Classic is one of our most popular designs due to its simple yet stylish design that works perfectly in any setting. Now on sale

The Victorian 2 cast iron radiators

Cast Iron Baths

The Victorian 2 Column are a very handsome and distinguished column radiators which compliments both the contemporary and period home

The Victorian 3 cast iron radiators

The Victorian 3 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 3 Column is a Victorian style radiator that is best suited to smaller period properties and modern conversions.

Slim Princess cast iron radiators

The Slim Princess Cast Iron Radiators

Inspired by the traditional school radiators the simple design is perfect, as it offers a contemporary feel that suits the more modern setting or apartment

The Rococo cast iron radiators

The Rococo Cast Iron Radiators

The Rococo is a stunning classic, one of the first decorative cast iron radiators to ever be produced. Originally from France in the 1890s.

Art Nouveau cast iron radiators

The Rococo Cast Iron Radiators

The Art Nouveau period in 1890 – 1910 saw the creation of these slender cast iron radiators, which has an exquisite scrolling pattern.

Vic 5 Column cast iron radiators

The Vic 5 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 5 Column has a Compact low-level column design, its cylindrical columns give a fairly industrial look. Perfect for bay windows.

The Victorian 9 cast iron radiators

The Victorian 9 Column Cast Iron Radiators

A truely classic radiator, The Victorian 9 Column is a simple and efficient design as its unique height allows it to fit under windows with ease.

The Deco cast iron radiators

The Deco Cast Iron Radiators

The Deco's design combines strong geometric forms with delicate detailing, giving an Art Deco look. This radiator will bring a touch of glamour to any home.

The Daisy cast iron radiators

The Daisy

The Daisy was first produced during the late 1800’s in France, this beautiful cast iron radiators is highly decorative with its ornate pattern.

The Narrow Eton cast iron radiators

The Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiators

The Narrow Eton has a simplistic design, that consists of the same straight edges and curved top as the Eton, The simple design makes it perfect for any setting.

The Parisian cast iron radiators

The Parisian Cast Iron Radiators

One of the most distinguished designs we offer is that of the Parisian, this French reproduction is perfect for any setting, modern or period.

The Duchess cast iron radiators

The Duchess Cast Iron Radiators

This modern classic, simple American 2 column cast iron radiators has a simple fresh appearance with its slow curving top and rounded columns.

The Eton cast iron radiators

The Eton Cast Iron Radiators

The Eton's simple design, consisting of straight edges and a curved top, ensures that it will fit in perfectly with any decor be it period or modern.

The Grace 4 cast iron radiators

The Grace 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Grace 4 column will make a very popular addition to the woworads cast iron radiators range. Its simple yet stylish design works perfectly with any setting.

The Prince cast iron radiator

The Prince Cast Iron Radiators

These traditional school radiators combines its sleek, and simplistic style perfectly enabling it to suit any setting, modern or period.

The Princess cast iron radiators

The Princess Cast Iron Radiators

First produced in 1898 the Princess cast iron radiators is well suited to modern and traditional settings, available in a variety of finishes.

The Grace 6 cast iron radiators

The Grace 6 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Grace 6 column will make a very popular addition to the woworads cast iron radiators range. Its simple yet stylish design works perfectly with any setting.

The Cromwell cast iron radiator

The Cromwell Cast Iron Radiators

These simple yet traditional cast iron radiators, which where first produced in the 1880s, gives any room a contemporary feel.

The Duchess 4 cast iron radiators

The Duchess 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Duchess 4 column cast iron radiators are a modern classic, they have a simple, classic American design. With its low curving top and rounded columns.

The Ribbon cast iron radiator

The Ribbon Cast Iron Radiators

These cast iron radiators features a Celtic pattern that flows down the radiator giving any room that added elegance, making it perfect for any setting.

The Victorian 6 cast iron radiators

The Victorian 6 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The victorian 6 columns clean and simple design helps give any room that contemporary feel, its impressive heat output makes it an ideal choice.

The Liberty cast iron radiators

The Liberty Cast Iron Radiators

The Liberty cast iron radiators are stylised and inspired by the Art Nouveau movement bringing a timeless quality to this design.

The Cherub cast iron radiators

The Cherub Cast Iron Radiators

First developed by the American Radiator Company in 1842, these stunning ornate cast iron radiators suit any setting whether it be period or modern.

The Verona cast iron radiators

The Verona Cast Iron Radiators

Originally manufactured in the 1890s, this impressive design combines cherubs, dragons and lions entwined together with vines running throughout the decoration.

The Chelsea cast iron radiators

The Chelsea Cast Iron Radiators

The Chelsea is one of our enchanting, elaborately decorated cast iron radiators. Originally commissioned for the chelsea barracks circa 1900.

The Tuscany cast iron radiators

The Tuscany Cast Iron Radiators

The clean shape and subtle pattern of flowing lines will help bring that required contemporary feeling that will compliment any decor perfectly.

The Churchill cast iron radiators

The Churchill Cast Iron Radiators

This simple yet traditional cast iron radiators, is perfect for big rooms due to its high BTU output, whilst still adding that added feature to any room

The Orleans cast iron radiators

The Orleans Cast Iron Radiators

The fluid ornate design of the Orleans gives this cast iron radiators that added elegance, the prefect addition to any decor.

The Dragonfly cast iron radiators

The Dragonfly Cast Iron Radiators

The Dragonfly cast iron radiators, are simply astounding with an impressive dragonfly, and reed design that makes these the perfect centre piece.

The Thistle cast iron radiators

The Thistle Cast Iron Radiators

The Thistle, as its names suggests has a unique thistle design at the top and bottom of each section, with a distinctive thistle cross bar.

The Ribbon 4 cast iron radiators

The Ribbon 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Ribbon 4 Column cast iron radiators like the two column features a Celtic, pattern that gives any room an added touch of elegance.

The Antoinette cast iron radiators

The Antoinette Cast Iron Radiators

The Antoinette cast iron radiators are of a highly decorated French design as the name suggests, with exquisite detailing at the foot and head with a straight vine.

  • All woworads cast iron radiators are carefully custom hand built to your requirements and pressure tested ready for plumbing into your new or existing heating system. Each radiator has a maximum working pressure of 3 bar (tested to 8 bar max). All our cast iron radiators can be easily installed. Whether you decide to have cast iron radiators in every room or you just want one as a feature in a special area, they will install onto a modern system without hassle. Our Woworads team can provide a full specification sheet with all measurements required for installation for any of the 34 cast iron radiators we have on offer. Each model is available in a variety of finishes to give any room a personal touch. Whether it’s for a new apartment, listed building or anything in between we have a cast iron radiator for you.

    Start by picking your favourite model, then choose your finish, with the valves you want, and we’ll do the rest. Simply give us the size of your room and we can calculate how many sections you need.

    All our Cast iron radiators can be shipped worldwide, for a price for shipping worldwide please contact our customer service team.

    If you are looking for the finest ‘radiators for sale’ then look no further. Woworads stock beautiful and affordable cast iron radiators.
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    All Finishes & Testing is carried out by our expert in house team.

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  • What does BTU stand for?
    A BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit which is a unit of energy used to measure heat output
    How do I calculate the BTU for my rooms?
    We have our own BTU calculator which is very easy to use, or you can phone our team and we can help you
    Will your cast iron radiators be easy to install into my heating system?
    Yes your plumber will be able to fit our radiators into a normal conventional heating system. Your system can have one cast iron radiator added as a feature or every room can be fitted with cast iron radiators.
    Can I use my existing pipe work?
    Yes you will be able to use your current pipe work and our radiators can be built to fit as close as possible or your plumber will be able to extend or shorten your pipe work to fit. Or cast iron radiators can be fitted to the modern 15mm pipework or on the 22mm pipework
    Will woworads speak with my plumber regarding technical information?
    Yes our team is on hand should your plumber need any help with the installation of your cast iron radiator or providing them with a specification sheet
    What is a specification sheet?
    woworads provide upon request a specification sheet for your plumber or heating engineer which provides all measurements needed for installation of your cast iron radiator as well as all heat outputs per room.
    How do I secure my radiator?
    Woworads sell wall stays which help secure your radiator to the wall
    Why do I need a wall stay?
    Even though our cast iron radiators are free standing as an added safety feature we supply wall stays which will securely fasten your radiator to the wall preventing it from moving, especially if you have you children in your home
    Are cast iron radiators Eco friendly?
    Yes cast iron absorbs and retains the heat more efficiently as compared to the modern radiators.
    Can I wall mount the radiator?
    Yes but it is best to talk to our team before you make that decision as cast iron radiators are very heavy
    What’s the difference between a thermostatic radiator valve and a manual radiator valve?
    A thermostatic radiator valve will allow you to adjust the heat output for each individual radiator. A manual radiator valve will only allow you to turn a radiator on or off. The thermostatic radiator valve gives you the option to keep living rooms at a comfortable constant heat and occasional rooms such as bedrooms at a lower heat
    What is the guarantee on your Cast Iron Radiator?
    Woworads cast iron radiators come with a 10 year guarantee, see terms and conditions
    What colours can I have my cast iron radiator painted in?
    Our radiators come in lots of specialised finishes such as Antiqued, Polished, Highlighted, Painted and primer finish
    Antiqued or Aged effect is where we would add multiple layers of paint giving the radiator an old look. See our custom finishes page for examples
    Polished is where take the metal back to its raw state using various techniques we have mastered over the years. This is especially effective on ornate radiators as the raised surfaces contrast well with the lower surfaces
    This can only be done on ornate radiators, we spray the radiator with the colour of your choice and then highlight the raised surfaces and features with another colour.
    We spray the cast iron radiator with a colour of your choice, this could be a Ral colour or paints from well-known suppliers such as Crown, Dulox, Farrow & Ball and we now stock Annie Sloan colours too
    How long will my radiator take to be delivered?
    We currently have a 3 week lead time on all finishes but this may vary by work load, it is always best to phone us to get a more accurate date
    How will my cast iron radiator arrive?
    Your cast iron radiators will arrive on a pallet via a specialised pallet courier. The radiators will need handling very carefully off the pallet and into position within your room spaces. Woworads provide a help sheet with every order to ensure your radiator is handled correctly during installation.
    How can I pay?
    Woworads accepts all major credit and debit cards including American Express. You can also pay by BACS, cheque or cash.

    If you need any help with your calculation
    please email us sales@woworads.com

  • Woworads offer a professional choice of finishes for your custom built radiators.

    Metallic Colours


    Choose from one of the eight available metallic finishes.

    Aged Effect


    For a stunning finish on a decorative radiator choose the antiqued effect.

    Hand Polished


    For something special coose a hand polished finish, there is nothing better.



    The Highlighted finish brings out the true beauty of any ornate radiator.

    Choose Your Own Colour


    We can mix any colour so you can create the perfect setting.

    The Historical Colours


    For an authentic historical finish we use the Farrow and Ball colour range.

    Cast Iron Radiator Custom Finishes

    The choice that Woworads offer for finishing your cast iron radiator is very exciting and very extensive.

    At Woworads we have perfected custom finishes for all styles and ages of home so that your cast iron radiator can compliment perfectly your décor. The ultimate Rolls Royce custom finish is the hand polished finish for your cast iron radiators. A very traditional choice and a very specialised process which accentuates all the detail of traditional radiators. Hand polishing produces a magnificent finish for your cast iron radiators.

  • Dartmouth House Project.

    Woworads have recently completed a project for the English-Speaking Union based at Dartmouth House in London.

    This project consisted of refurbishing a number of radiators that were already in place within the historic building as well as supplying 24 new cast iron radiators in our unique Bronze Aged Effect.

    Dartmouth House is a luxurious town house located off Berkeley Square in the heart of Mayfair, London. The house is a Grade II* Listed Building due to its important Heritage as well as being in the top 1000 homes in the UK.
    For more details about the project click here

    Concord House apartments in Birmingham


    In a £10 million overhaul the two show apartments at Concord House, the former Debenhams furniture warehouse on the corner of Marshall Street in the city centre, are a showcase for the talents of local designer makers.
    It is the work of Elevate Property Group together with Birmingham architects D5. They are due to be completed next summer and two apartments have been launched now to offer a first glimpse of how the finished units could look.
    woworads have supplied 71 cast iron radiators in hand polished finish and painted finish and have four penthouses to fit out in more of our stunning radiators
    For more details about the project click here

  • Ordering and Delivery

    •Woworads currently offer a 3 week lead time from order for custom metallic painted orders and a 3 week lead time for all other finishes.
    •When you place your order with us a delivery date option will be given to you.
    •All woworads cast iron radiators are custom built to your requirements and pressure tested before delivery.
    •Once your customised order is near completion our Team will contact you via email or telephone to organise a convenient delivery date with you. Woworads deliver cast iron radiators worldwide.
    Delivery is free of charge if your order is over £1000 excluding VAT,
    1 radiator £45 plus VAT
    2 or more £65 plus VAT
    prices are for mainland Britain.

    Saturday deliveries available – Standard shipping price + £50 Plus VAT
    Timed deliveries available – Standard shipping price + £25 Plus VAT

    We ship worldwide. Export orders are quoted for delivery once we have the size and weight of the order, we then organise shipping to your destination’

    An appointment is required for collection:

    Payment for your order can be made by cheque or by card over the telephone.