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The largest selection of Quality cast iron radiators, Victorian Style Radiators and Traditional style radiators on the UK market today at the lowest price possible

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Warm up your home with our exclusive collection of cast iron and steel radiators. We have a dedicated team that offer a high quality service for all our customers. We offer a huge variety of cast iron radiators, as well as a hand polishing and refurbishment service that is open to the public and business sector. Keeping in mind the customers’ requirements we hand polish all our exclusively designed cast iron radiators. You can buy now with confidence from one of the UK’s Leading suppliers of cast iron radiators.

The assembly and required finishes of all our cast iron radiators are carried out at our factory by our highly qualified professionals. We have numerous finishes available and there is guaranteed to be one that suits your needs.

The Neo Classic

The Neo Classical Cast Iron Radiators

The Neo – Classic is one of our most popular designs due to its simple yet stylish design that works perfectly in any setting.

The Victorian 2 Column

The Victorian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 2 Column are a very handsome and distinguished column radiators which compliments both the contemporary and period home

The Victorian 3 Column

The Victorian 3 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 3 Column is a Victorian style radiator that is best suited to smaller period properties and modern conversions.

Slim Princess

The Slim Princess Cast Iron Radiators

Inspired by the traditional school radiators the simple design is perfect, as it offers a contemporary feel that suits the more modern setting or apartment

The Rococo

The Rococo Cast Iron Radiators

The Rococo is a stunning classic, one of the first decorative cast iron radiators to ever be produced. Originally from France in the 1890s.

Art Nouveau

The Art Noveau Cast Iron Radiators

The Art Nouveau period in 1890 – 1910 saw the creation of these slender cast iron radiators, which has an exquisite scrolling pattern.

Vic 5 Column

The Vic 5 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 5 Column has a Compact low-level column design, its cylindrical columns give a fairly industrial look. Perfect for bay windows.

The Victorian 9 Column

The Victorian 9 Column Cast Iron Radiators

A truely classic radiator, The Victorian 9 Column is a simple and efficient design as its unique height allows it to fit under windows with ease.

The Deco

The Deco Cast Iron Radiators

The Deco's design combines strong geometric forms with delicate detailing, giving an Art Deco look. This radiator will bring a touch of glamour to any home.

The Daisy

The Daisy

The Daisy was first produced during the late 1800’s in France, this beautiful cast iron radiators is highly decorative with its ornate pattern.

The Narrow Eton

The Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiators

The Narrow Eton has a simplistic design, that consists of the same straight edges and curved top as the Eton, The simple design makes it perfect for any setting.

The Parisian

The Parisian Cast Iron Radiators

One of the most distinguished designs we offer is that of the Parisian, this French reproduction is perfect for any setting, modern or period.

The Duchess

The Duchess Cast Iron Radiators

This modern classic, simple American 2 column cast iron radiators has a simple fresh appearance with its slow curving top and rounded columns.

The Eton

The Eton Cast Iron Radiators

The Eton's simple design, consisting of straight edges and a curved top, ensures that it will fit in perfectly with any decor be it period or modern.

The Grace 4 Column

The Grace 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Grace 4 column will make a very popular addition to the woworads cast iron radiators range. Its simple yet stylish design works perfectly with any setting.

The Prince

The Prince Cast Iron Radiators

These traditional school radiators combines its sleek, and simplistic style perfectly enabling it to suit any setting, modern or period.

The Princess

The Princess Cast Iron Radiators

First produced in 1898 the Princess cast iron radiators is well suited to modern and traditional settings, available in a variety of finishes.

The Grace 6 Column

The Grace 6 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Grace 6 column will make a very popular addition to the woworads cast iron radiators range. Its simple yet stylish design works perfectly with any setting.

The Cromwell

The Cromwell Cast Iron Radiators

These simple yet traditional cast iron radiators, which where first produced in the 1880s, gives any room a contemporary feel.

The Duchess 4 Column

The Duchess 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Duchess 4 column cast iron radiators are a modern classic, they have a simple, classic American design. With its low curving top and rounded columns.

The Ribbon

The Ribbon Cast Iron Radiators

These cast iron radiators features a Celtic pattern that flows down the radiator giving any room that added elegance, making it perfect for any setting.

The Victorian 6 Column

The Victorian 6 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The victorian 6 columns clean and simple design helps give any room that contemporary feel, its impressive heat output makes it an ideal choice.

The Liberty

The Liberty Cast Iron Radiators

The Liberty cast iron radiators are stylised and inspired by the Art Nouveau movement bringing a timeless quality to this design.

The Cherub

The Cherub Cast Iron Radiators

First developed by the American Radiator Company in 1842, these stunning ornate cast iron radiators suit any setting whether it be period or modern.

The Verona

The Verona Cast Iron Radiators

Originally manufactured in the 1890s, this impressive design combines cherubs, dragons and lions entwined together with vines running throughout the decoration.

The Chelsea

The Chelsea Cast Iron Radiators

The Chelsea is one of our enchanting, elaborately decorated cast iron radiators. Originally commissioned for the chelsea barracks circa 1900.

The Tuscany

The Tuscany Cast Iron Radiators

The clean shape and subtle pattern of flowing lines will help bring that required contemporary feeling that will compliment any decor perfectly.

The Churchill

The Churchill Cast Iron Radiators

This simple yet traditional cast iron radiators, is perfect for big rooms due to its high BTU output, whilst still adding that added feature to any room

The Orleans

The Orleans Cast Iron Radiators

The fluid ornate design of the Orleans gives this cast iron radiators that added elegance, the prefect addition to any decor.

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly Cast Iron Radiators

The Dragonfly cast iron radiators, are simply astounding with an impressive dragonfly, and reed design that makes these the perfect centre piece.

The Thistle

The Thistle Cast Iron Radiators

The Thistle, as its names suggests has a unique thistle design at the top and bottom of each section, with a distinctive thistle cross bar.

The Ribbon 4 Column

The Ribbon 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The Ribbon 4 Column cast iron radiators like the two column features a Celtic, pattern that gives any room an added touch of elegance.

The Antoinette

The Antoinette Cast Iron Radiators

The Antoinette cast iron radiators are of a highly decorated French design as the name suggests, with exquisite detailing at the foot and head with a straight vine.

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All woworads Radiators are supplied by Carron & Arroll.
All Finishes & Testing is carried out by our expert in house team.

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